WELCOME TO C’Styles Barbershop

C'Styles Barber Shop was established by entrepreneur Cory Young in 2007 with a vision of giving clients quality service in a comfortable environment. This is why we insist on keeping a professional and comfortable environment free of foul language and conversation. We want to leave you with an excellent impression of our talents with no distractions from your haircut experience.
Here at C’Styles Barber Shop you will find a dynamic team of barbers who share the same passion and professionalism as the owner. We focus on education to ensure their skills stay sharp and on trend. We keep our clients up to date on current styles and trends while staying true to original barber practices that will always stand the test of time.
Giving back to the community is important at C’Styles Barbershop. We enjoy participating in local events, giving free haircuts and mentoring to the children in the neighborhood. We also want to be a positive example to the community and fellow barbers and stylists across the world.
At C'Styles we cater to a diverse clientele of business and skilled professionals, families, students, and seniors, just to name a few. All are welcome a C'Styles Barber Shop.
Located in the south suburbs of Chicago, specifically Markham, IL, we greet all of our customers with a smile. As a customer you can expect a clean, comfortable and family friendly atmosphere.  When you think of C’Styles Barber Shop we want you to think of an EXPERIENCE. We strive to create an experience of comfort, style, and confidence. So come in and enjoy our many flat screen tv’s or try out our free wi-fi to make your stay more enjoyable.
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